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SAMURAI 1/18scale Nissan Skyline GTS-R Dark Blue [No.KSR18039BL]

No: KSR18039BL
Jan: 4548565359370
Sale date: September 2019
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    Limited 700 pieces

    Conforming to the boom in high-society style vehicles, the 4-door 7th Generation Skyline (referred to as ‘The 7th’) was released in 1986 to the disappointment of existing Skyline fans. 9 months later, the 2-door coupe was released, which became the homologation base model for the development of the Group A racer that was to become the GTS-R. At the time, Japanese cars were uncompetitive against foreign rivals and this model was developed to compete at that level.
    The main feature was the RB20DETT-R engine based on the RB20DET, but fitted with stainless steel isometric exhaust manifold, Garrett TO4E turbine, and large air-cooled intercooler.
    With specifications delivering 210ps/25.0kgm output, the explosive power at 5000rpm and high-pitched exhaust sound made this machine more suitable as a tuning car rather than a road car. While the 210ps was claimed for the road car, the racing version confirmed output at over 400ps.
    In addition to the special blue-black exterior, the GTS-R was also equipped with fixed front spoiler (normally variable with speed), large rear spoiler, and projector headlamps. The BBS aluminum wheels were optional settings with the steel wheels and wheel caps as standard. High-capacity spec chassis combined with strut tower and high-performance Dunlop Formula M2 tires.
    While the GTS-R was based on the plain interior of the lower cost GTS version, it also featured Italvolanti steering and monoform bucket seats.
    The initial production plan of 500 cars was revised upwards to 800 due to strong demand. With only about 300 thought to be in existence, the GTS-R is considered to be even more rare than the 2nd generation R32 of the 8th GT-R model.
    Automotive Expert  Shinya Yamamoto

    SAMURAI seriesKyosho is proud to release this series of 1:12, 1:18 scale resin Japanese cars. The characteristic spirit of Japanese automotive prowess has been captured with simple honesty in this stunning range of model cars, from the old to the new. Beautiful body lines and exquisite paint work recreate the reality of these automotive masterpieces to please all types of collectors.

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