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KYOSHO ORIGINAL 1/18scale Toyota Land Cruiser 60 (Feel Like Blue) [No.KS08956BL]

No: KS08956BL
Jan: 4548565386406
Sale date: September 2020
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    These days the streets are full of crossover SUVs based on passenger cars which are a far cry from first generation 4WD machines that didn’t promise style or speed, but could handle the harshest conditions to get through to your destination. As the champion authentic cross-country 4WD, the Toyota LandCruiser built its formidable reputation for reliability across the deserts of the Middle East to the wilderness of North America. In recent times, the LandCruiser is recognized as a premium SUV and famously sits alongside the supercars of Dubai’s royal family. The foundation of the current LandCruiser was the 60 series released in 1980, which combined cross-country 4WD performance with premium SUV luxury. The rugged jeep-style independent front fender was removed while power steering and automatic transmission were introduced to establish this model as a station wagon. To improve ride comfort and noise, the engine was changed from inline 4-cylinder to inline 6-cylinder with both gasoline and diesel models. From cross-country enthusiasts to city-drivers, this made the LandCruiser 60 one of the most sort after vehicles throughout the world. In addition, demand for styling and performance customization for the 60-series drove revitalization in aftermarket car accessories. This release features simple and smart round styling with double-door rear gate. Even 40 years after it transformed the market for 4WD vehicles, the 60-series and its successor models with facelift kits have remained universally popular.

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