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  • KYOSHO ORIGINAL 1/43scale Nissan Fairlady Z NISMO 2024 (White) [No.KS03919W]

KYOSHO ORIGINAL 1/43scale Nissan Fairlady Z NISMO 2024 (White) [No.KS03919W]

No: KS03919W
Jan: 4548565461400
Sale date: March 2024
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  • Description

    The Fairlady Z NISMO was announced at the same time as the Fairlady Z 2024 model.

    Just like the GT-R and Leaf, the NISMO marque is the sign of a high-performance version modified by NISMO.

    The powertrain introduced the VR30DDTT at its core with a unique turbo boost pressure control, cylinder-specific ignition timing control, and strengthened intercooler and radiator that increased power and torque. Improved shift response and durability in the transmission provided more agility in shift changes.

    Specially developed aero parts such as front and rear bumpers, front grille and rear spoiler are not only visually impressive but delivered increased downforce in addition to engine and brake cooling effectiveness.

    Specialized wheels and tires work in combination with enhanced suspension featuring unique dampers, high-rigidity bushings, and larger diameter brakes and sports pads that produced the performance and control for any driving style.

    Available in the exclusive stealth gray body color familiar in NISMO models.

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