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KYOSHO ORIGINAL 1/18scale Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint (White) [No.KS08957W]

No: KS08957W
Jan: 4548565387113
Sale date: March 2022
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    Released in 1954, the Giulietta was Alpha Romeo’s first small passenger car and laid the foundation for its establishment as a production car manufacturer after WWII. Of the three body types: 2-door; 4-door, and open, the 2-door Sprint was the first to be sold. Combining the beautiful sense of style the aerodynamic perfection of Franco Scaglione, who was working at Bertone at the time, the stylish fastback design gave a sporty edge to the subtle curves of the Sprint. A newly designed 1.3ℓ in-line 4-cylinder DOHC engine producing 65ps reached top speeds of 155km/h to match rival racing cars of the time and set Alpha Romeo on the road to success. A comprehensive minor change update with revised exterior and interior design was implemented in 1959 and evolved the Sprint with maturity and increased engine performance of 80ps. Although the Sprint was replaced in 1962 by the Julia, the 4-door sedan continued to be sold until a new model was introduced in 1965. This miniature model is based on the earlier 750 series before the minor change, while the exterior features fewer lights than the late model (101 series) which was more compliant with regulations. In addition, there are differences in the 4-speed column transmission (floor MT in latter models) and door trim.



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