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KYOSHO ORIGINAL 1/18scale Subaru Impreza 1995 Monte Carlo #5 [No.KS08962B]

No: KS08962B
Jan: 4548565442911
Sale date: July 2023
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  • Description

    Subaru entered its first 4WD machine in the WRC (World Rally Championship) in 1980 but didn’t embark on its full-scale assault until 10 years later in 1990. To challenge the WRC, Subaru used its new generation Legacy and teamed up with British constructor Prodrive. After four years of hard slog, Subaru only had a single victory to show for it. However, the dream of world rally domination would be realized by its successor, the Impreza, full of racing technology loaded into a more compact body. Surprising the rally world with a 2nd place finish on its debut in 1993, the Impreza won three times in its first full season in 1994. With momentum behind it, the Impreza claimed the golden double of the manufacturer and driver titles in 1995, followed by consecutive manufacturer titles in 1996 and 1997, making the Subaru name synonymous with WRC around the world. The lineup features the RAC specification of 1994 that won the Impreza’s first race victory, and Monte Carlo specification that competed in the opening race of the 1995 season.


    Subaru’s renowned EJ20 horizontally opposed turbo engine was in action until Subaru withdrew from the WRC in 2014. The intercooler, which was water-cooled in the Legacy era, was changed to air-cooled in the Impreza. The exquisite horizontally opposed exhaust manifold is also a signature Impreza design feature.



    Carbon materials became popular in racing from the mid-1990’s and are incorporated into the instrument panel/center console of the Impreza. The silver switch on the left side of the MOMO steering wheel became the select lever on the semi-AT as it became computerized.



    Optimized for weight distribution, the ATL safety fuel tank is positioned behind the trunk barring panel. The specifications of Pirelli tires and Speedline wheels change between the gravel RAC and tarmac Monte Carlo specifications.



    The beige box seen in the center of the back seat is for helmet storage has been painted to recreate the look of the actual sponge storage compartment. The body originally featured the BAT cigarette brand 555, but cigarette advertising is prohibited in the UK so this has been changed to a crescent mark.



    Displays such as the switches, indicators, and the rally computer built into the dashboard are recreated with water transfer decals, some are pad (tampo) printed. Thin and highly adhesive, this achieves superior reproduction quality and eliminates the thicker, unsophisticated finish of past processes.



    The roll cage, also known as a jungle gym, has a smaller diameter and is scaled down without compromising the look and feel of the actual car. The gusset welding has also been realistically reproduced. This photo shows a prototype so some parts such as carbon pattern on the back seat are different from the finished product.


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