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  • SAMURAI 1/18scale Toyota Crown 3.5 RS Advance (White) Limited to 700 units [No.KSR18042W]

SAMURAI 1/18scale Toyota Crown 3.5 RS Advance (White) Limited to 700 units [No.KSR18042W]

No: KSR18042W
Jan: 4548565359417
Sale date: February 2020
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    Since it first appeared in 1955, the Toyota Crown has evolved and matured with the growth and evolution of the automotive industry in Japan. The 15th-generation model incorporates the full extent of Toyota's "TNGA" platform and technology, which aims to produce cars that meet global standards even if they are exclusively sold in Japan.
    The sleek yet sophisticated exterior design features slanted rear window with new 6-light styling but in a 4-door sedan body size similar to the preceding model suited to Japanese consumers.
    Redesigned interior layout and instrument panel features an upper/lower dual display. Driver seating maintains low center of gravity and similar hip points to the preceding model. More overhead space than expected is created by the revised roofline.
    There are three types of powertrains: direct 4-2.5L dynamic force engine + motor, direct 4-2.0L direct injection turbo, V6-3.5L + motor (multi-stage hybrid).
    Built on a completely redesigned platform, the basic frame shares the same ‘GA-L Narrow’ 1800mm width as the Lexus LS/LC. The design positions heavy components effectively to create a 50:50 front/rear weight distribution with a front midship to deliver low centre of gravity.
    Previous generations have focused design along the themes “Comfort for Royalty” and “Performance of an Athlete”. The new model aims to surpass previous models in all aspects, displaying more comfort and higher performance under the theme “Unifying the Crown”. As marketing advertisements have already stated, this Japan exclusive model was tested and praised by the drivers on the renown Nürburgring circuit
    The RS is setup for enhanced performance with a 2.0L direct-injection turbo and rear floor brace for increased rear stability plus ‘performance dampers’ that reduce vibration while improving precision and smoothness of steering. Superior handling and tracing of driving lines makes the Crown feel like you’re driving a sports sedan.

    Automotive Expert Shinya Yamamoto

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