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SAMURAI 1/18scale Nissan GT-R NISMO 2020 (White) [No.KSR18048W]

No: KSR18048W
Jan: 4548565375738
Sale date: August 2020
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    Since its introduction in 2007, the R35 GT-R has evolved and matured. The latest 2020 model released in 2019 features mainly NISMO enhancements.
    Although the engine retains the 600ps / 652Nm specifications, a new type of turbine (shape and number of blades changed from 11 → 10) in the supercharger delivers improved response. The engine is matched and retuned accordingly, together with the 6-speed DCT. In particular, the shift schedule in R mode responds to the driver’s will, even in D range.
    On the vehicle body, the roof, engine hood, and front fender are changed to carbon to not only realize a lighter weight (-10.5 kg), but also contribute to increased body rigidity. In order to improve cornering performance, the chassis has new tires with improved grip and contact area, 9-spoke aluminum wheels that are lighter and more rigid than conventional products, and a high-rigidity caliper dedicated to the largest diameter discs in the history of the R35 GT-R used in combination with carbon ceramic brakes. The damper set has also been revised according to these changes to improve cornering force by 5%.
    Recaro carbon bucket seats with a new skeleton frame and shape improve contact between the driver and the car. Compared to the previous model, the new seats deliver 20% higher torsional rigidity and a weight reduction of approximately 2.8 kg / unit.
    Mr. Tamura remarks offhandedly, "the total balance of a car is critical”, but actually he could say the scale of the changes made is comparable to a full model change.
    Tsugio Matsuda recorded 59.361 seconds at Tsukuba Circuit 2000, which is the fastest time for a production car, but this performance is available for anyone to extract with the R35 GT-R NISMO 2020. It is possible that the R35 has finally reached perfection in its pursuit of "total performance".

    Automotive Expert Shinya Yamamoto

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