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SAMURAI 1/18scale Honda NSX (orange) [No.KSR18023P]

No: KSR18023P
Jan: 4548565375714
Sale date: September 2020
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    Following the theme of its development acronym “New Sportscar Experience”, the 2nd generation NSX released in 2016 incorporated advanced technologies including composite material body, V6-3.5L direct injection twin turbo, and 9-speed DCT and Sports Hybrid ‘SH-AWD’. For a super sportscar with over 500ps, it maintains the good visibility and easy handling on public roads from its original DNA. However, according to some opinions, the link between the driver's control and the movement of the car during sports driving is compromised.
    The developers of the 2019 model update have responded to this. The second generation was led by Honda North America, but all 2019 models are developed in Japan. In addition, LPL (development lead) was Satoshi Mizukami, Honda’s dynamic performance manager.
    In addition to minor changes, the exterior features a new ‘Thermal Orange Pearl’ color, which is a renewal of the ‘Imola Orange Pearl’ used in the first NSX. Interior details have also been changed including a new ‘Indigo’ color.
    However, the main evolutionary features of the 2019 model are not obvious to the eye. The footwork system has been completely revised such as: increased rigidity of each suspension part; newly developed special tires; active dampers; EPS; alterations to VSA and other controls, and the sports hybrid SH-AWD drive power distribution has been optimized. Changes are wide-ranging
    Naturally, the performance limits and controllability have been improved compared to the previous model, but also the increased focus on ‘driving pleasure’ results in a sense of unity between the driver and the car with a stronger connection between movement and operation. As soon as you drive, the evolution is immediately noticeable through the sense of security and unity with the car. The exhilarating ride feel gets the blood flowing through the machine, just as it should with a true sports car. This is one that deserves more attention.

    Automotive Expert Shinya Yamamoto

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